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We've had a face lift...same great content, new name - Anim8Nature. What was Life Stories: One Story is now Anim8Nature. Stay tuned as this exciting educational resource comes alive.
Inspiring Environmental Stewardship with Art and Science for Kid 5 to 10 Anim8Nature guides children to discover connections and patterns in nature with active learning in a creative environment.
Artist Kristin Harris has created character animation, motion graphics and illustration for over 25 years. The studio specializes in producing and animating educational media for children, having created over 50 short form animations for kids. HBO Family/HBOLatino has broadcast forty of her interstitials. Her work has been included in the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, The Museum of Television and Radio’s International Children’s Television Festival in New York and Los Angeles, The Kalamazoo Animation Festival International and the East Lansing Children’s Film Festival, San Diego Children’s Film Festival and Spudfest. Kristin has been an educator in a wider variety of circumstances for over 40 years. Ten one-minute animated life cycles are the foundation of this web-based learning experience. Documentary animation has the ability to inform children about the facts of life-science in a creative way. Anim8Nature is designed to inform children about science topics and provide activities for them to learn and play with that understanding. Anim8Nature's active learning space has three components Watch, Create, Gallery. Watch There is a beautiful poetry in the cycles of life. The tiny acorn grows to the mighty oak. The caterpillar transforms into the stunning butterfly. There is a rhythm to these cycles that is reassuring and life affirming. Engaging time-lapse style animations brings these cycles to life. The goal of each animation is to show the “one story” of organic growth and reveal patterns that are repeated. They are based on solid research and allow children who may not have first hand knowledge of each organism a chance to understand, seek, conserve and appreciate the natural world. Create Create provides educational resources that stimulate creative problem solving and imagination with writing and art making projects. Lesson plans will introduce new ways of understanding these organisms and patterns in nature. A variety of tools, locations and approaches will be represented. Gallery Artwork of the featured organisms from various cultures all over the world provides additional inspiration and activities tagged to the animated life cycles. Documentary animation is about science facts, art is about interpretation. Science and art can work together to expand children's involvement with the natural world and understanding with our place on Earth.


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